Red Star vs Partizan

Red Star vs Partisan 30-6 Belgrade, 17.11.2018. Balkan Super League play off’s Grand final. Venue: SC Inge, Zvezdara  Kick off time: 2.00 PM. Attendance: 150. Referee:  Radoslav Novakovic (Serbia). Touch judges: Stefan Stamenic (Serbia) Brett Davidson (Australia) Sin bin: Boban Jankovic (Partisan) 79′ min. Points for Red Star Belgrade: 6 Tries – Predrag Keglic 9′ […]

Kadikoy Bulls vs Red Star

In the second play off’s semi-final of Balkan Super League, Serbian champions Red Star won today against Kadikoy Bulls 58-10 (24-6), in Istanbul. Kadikoy Bulls vs Red Star 10-58 Istanbul, 03.11.2018. Balkan Super League play off’s semi-final. Venue:  Kick off time: 3.00 PM. Attendance: 150. Referee:  Ali Mert Ozbalak (Turkey). Touch judges: Sin bin: Ömer […]

Dorcol vs Partizan

In the first play offs semifinal of Balkan Super League current champion Partisan won today against Dorćol 50-34 (6-26). Dorcol came into the lead in 4th minute but Partisan then took everything into their hands. Dorćol vs Partisan Belgrade 34-50 (6-26) Belgrade 28.10.2018. Balkan Super League play off semi-final. Venue: FC Hajduk Polet Jajinci. Attendance: […]

Kadikoy Bulls vs Radnicki Nis

Kadikoy Bulls won today in Balkan Super League quarter final match against Radnički Niš 35-28 (18-16). Turkish champion won against Serbian club for the second time in less than four months. Bulls defeated in the group stage  Radnički from Novi Beograd. It is interesting that both games were played in the Asian part of Istanbul. Bulls […]