Late surge gave Team John second successive triumph in Risman Cup, annual Serbian Rugby League exhibition game. Led by the captain’s Vladimir Milutinović’s hat-trick, Serbia U21 side once again pinned up older opponents in Team Bev that fled Serbian U23 internationals.

It was a suitable start of the SRL season at BASK Arena, with crowd enjoying some nice tries and respectable battle from most talented countries young players. Team John scored four unanswered tries in the last 17 minutes of the game that were crucial in seventh edition of Cup named in the honor of the famous Scotish rugby league family.
SRL season will continue next weekend with Super Cup duel between archrivals Red Star and Partisan. After that in two weeks time SRL First division is scheduled to start.

TEAM BEV 24 (14) v 36 (12) TEAM JOHN

Belgrade 24.02.2019 Venue: BASK Arena. Attendance: 200. Referee: Vladan Kikanović (Belgrade).

TEAM BEV (SERBIA U23): Miroslav Selimovski, Nikola Vukosavljević, Bogdan Raičević, Bojan Bogatić, Velemir Gašević, Aleksandar Pavlović, Jovan Grubišić, Dušan Milutinović, Branko Čarapić, Srđan Hrnjaz, Ilija Tintor, Aleksandar Pantelić, Atanas Trimčeski. Sub: Miloš Micić.

Tries: Aleksandar Pavlović 5′ and 43′, Velemir Gašević 20′ and 25′, Atanas Trimčeski 46′ and 48′.
Goals: Aleksandar Pavlović 1/3, Čarapić Branko 1/2.

TIM JOHN (SERBIA U21): Marko Jakovljević, Ivan Andrić, Andrej Šušak, Vuk Tomić, Emir Ahmeti, Ilija Krstić, Ilić Mihajlo, Rajko Trifunović, Mihailo Tomić, Vladimir Milutinović, Marko Janković, Stefan Milinković, Mihailo Stoiljković Sub: Stevan Ivanković, Velibor Karanović.

Tries : Vladimir Milutinović 14′, 50′ and 67′, Rajko Trifunović 30′, Ivan Andrić 53′, Marko Jakovljević 60′, Ilija Krstić 67′.
Goals: Vladimir Milutinović 4/7.

Source: Serbian Rugby League

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