Red Kangaroo vs Ankara Phrygians

Red Kangaroo vs Ankara Phrygians 54-24 (26-0) Belgrade, 29.06.2019. Balkan Super League, second division Venue: Ada Ciganlija Kick off time: 6.15 PM. Attendance: 50. Referee: Stefan Stamenic (Serbia) Sin bin: Orcun Ozdemir (Ankara Phrygians) 77′ min. Points for Red Kangaroo Belgrade: 10 Tries – Jack Treloar 7′ and 19′ min, Stefan Nikolić 23′ min, Daniel […]


Red Kangaroo vs Radnicki Novi Beograd

Today was the first match of the third season of the Balkan Super League on Ada Ciganlija. It was a game of the second BSL division between  Radnicki Novi Beograd vs Red Kangaroo.So far, Kengaroo and Radnicki have met six times and “Rats” have always emerged as winners.That’s how it was this time also, but […]

Red Star vs Kadikoy Bulls

Last match of B group Balkan Super League was played today on Ada Ciganlija ground.: Red Star – Kadikoy Bulls started at 18.00 LIVE 11′ min` Red Star score: Try Petar Milanovic 20′ min` Red Star score: Try Vojislav Dedic 24′ min` Red Star score: Try Milos Zogovic 32′ min` Red Star score: Try Milos […]

Radnicki Novi Beograd vs Partizan

The match between Radnicki New Belgrade and Partisan had a similar development of the situation as match in Vitez a week ago, between Knight and “Rats”. Today the home team had the power only for the first half which ended in a draw 10-10, both. In the match Partisan dominated the second half and broke the stubborn […]

Red Star vs Dorcol

In the first round of the B group Balkan Super Rugby League Championship Red Star won over Dorćol with 46-0.  From the first minutes Red Star players were much better and deserved to reach the triumph. An important game for the whole Balkan region, but also for Red Star, which achieved a second consecutive triumph […]