Balkan Super League

Successful first round

Four matches have been played in the opening round of the 2019 Balkan Super League:

Dorcol Belgrade ?? 6 – 52 Aris Eagles Athens ??
Locomotive Sofia ?? 10 – 40 Radnicki Nis ??
Ragbi Klub FIS Vitez ?? 6 – 46 K.R. Tirana ??
Radnicki Novi ?? 28 – 26 Red Kangaroo Belgrade ??

Dragan Pavlovic BSL Competition Commissioner, after the 1st round commented : “Very successful and interesting start of the third season of Balkan Super League. The 1st round brought 4 interesting matches, especially the first one in Belgrade. The second round will be even more interesting, because it brings us the very first appearance of an Italian team in BSL.”

The first match that opened the 3rd season was the local derby between Radnicki New Belgrade and Red Kangaroo on Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade. The match was marked by a great performance of the young Ilija Krstic, who scored 22 points for Kangaroos.

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