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Red Star won first ever SRL women’s match

It was girl’s weekend all over the World, as Serbian rugby league joined Jamaica in staging first ever female club game. History was made at Ada Ciganlija stadium in Belgrade where Red Star girls defeated Red Kangaroos 46:16 (HT: 38:8) in full contact 9’s duel.

Game was played at the exact date that marked 65 years of the first ever rugby league match ever played in Serbia and the girls rose to the occasion. Led by Jelena Stoiljković and Helena Host, Red Star dominated right from the start but the score wasn’t important as it was commitment and passion shown by the girls.

“We made history today and even though it was exhibition game we made a first step in setting up women’s competition in Serbia”, said Red Star president Zeljko Delić.

RED STAR 46 (38)


RED STAR: Marija Bajić, Marija Zlatković, Željana Mitrović, Jelena Stojiljković, Anja Petrović, Jelena Lazić, Dragana Žeželj, Ljiljana Bajić, Helena Host.

Tries: Jelena Stoiljković 5′ and 7′, Helena Host 8′, 10′ and 14′, Željana Mitrović 12′, Jelena Lazić 20′, Ljiljana Bajić 23′, Marija Zlatković 31′, Dragana Žeželj 35′.

Goals: Jelena Stoiljković 0/2, Helena Host 3/8.

RED KANGOOROS: Nika Bajić, Milica Krasić, Tamara Bošnjak, Ivana Artinović, Nataša Kovačević, Sara Trifković, Jackie Horne, Karolina Blizanac, Anđela Nikolić, Ana Marija Škiljo.

Tries: Tamara Bošnjak 18′ and 25′, Ivana Arinitović 29′, Sara Trifković 38′.

Goals: Tamara Bošnjak 0/4.

Stadium: Ada Ciganlija. Attendace: 100. Refeere: Stefan Stamenić (Belgrade).

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