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Balkan Super League edition 4th

After three months everything is clear now. In 4th Balkan Super League season, will be 11 clubs from 5 countries. This season has a lot of news and it is certainly the most important that after three years the current Championship League format of competition has been abandoned. This season Balkan Super League will be playing by the classic cup system. Three matches of the eighth finals will be played first, followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

This season in Balkan Super League will participate:

  1. Red Star Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Partizan 1953 Belgrade, Serbia
  3. Radnički Niš, Serbia
  4. Dorcol Belgrade, Serbia
  5. Car Dušan Silni Paraćin, Serbia
  6. Belgrade Youth RLC, Serbia
  7. Valjacite Pernik, Bulgaria
  8. Lokomotiv Sofia, Bulgaria
  9. Borac Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Ankara Phrygians Turkey
  11. South Region Bar, Montenegro

By far the biggest favorites this season are Serbian duo Red Star and Partizan. Of course, Turkish Champion Ankara Phrygians and Radnicki Nis will have their chance. The triumph of one of the remaining 7 participating clubs would be a great surprise.

The dates of the eighth finals will be in late March and early April. The fourth-final will be played in May and the semi-finals in June. The finale is booked for the last weekend in September.

Kemal Ege Gurkan, President and player of Turkish Champion Ankara Phrygians told for website:

We are extremely happy to take part again in BSL that contributed massively to our development last year. This time we are back as national champions and its very important that we keep Turkey and Ankara on track for international club rugby league.

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