Dorcol vs Aris Eagles

Match report

A match between the Rugby club Dorcol and Greece’s vice champion Aris Eagles from Athens  was played in Sofia. Dorcol agreed to play his first-round match as a host at the ZTP stadium in Sofia. This season, the former champion of Serbia has no high ambition. The new team is created, so the club is not affected by the result. On the other hand, a club from Athens is on the rise and under the guidance of the Australian coach shows the progress in the game. That’s what Dorcol players are feeling today, who are convincingly defeated.

Dorcol vs Aris Eagles

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Balkan Super League - Dorcol vs. Aris Eagles

Balkan Super League - Dorcol vs. Aris Eagles

Posted by Balkan Super League on Недеља, 07. април 2019.


Date Time League Season Match Day Full Time Attendance:
2019-04-07 13:00 Balkan Super League 2019 1 round 80' 100


ZTP Sofia
пл. „Независимост“, 1000 Център, София, Бугарска


Vuk Popovic


Aris Eagles9852Win


# Player Position T C P DG
1Aleksandar StojanovicFullback0000
2Jovan DjordjevicCentre0000
3Lazar BusticCentre0000
4Marko SadzakCentre0000
5Lazar KaralicWing0000
6Ivan Pantic DOHalfback0000
7Nedeljko Suvajdzic DO Hooker1000
8Mladen BobarLock0000
9Goran Dragusic DOHooker0000
10Marko Makera DOProp0000
11Nemanja Radovanovic DOProp0000
12Aleksandar Sakan DOSecond-row0000
13Bojan Jeknic DOProp0000
14Vladan Kikanovic DOHalfback0100
 Total 1100

Aris Eagles

# Player Position T C P DG
1Chriszos AdamopoylosFullback0000
2Nikos MihasWing0000
3Markos MylonasCentre1000
4Stefanos KaradisCentre0600
5Apollon SekertzisWing1000
6Tayler Mazai Halfback3000
7Aris DardamanisFive-Eighth1000
8Rous Rousoglou GiannisProp0000
9Ilias DardamanisHooker2000
10Dimitris XilophrkiotisProp0000
11Greg KoutsimeoSecond-row1000
12George CharalampopoulosSecond-row0000
13Stratos KaridasLock0000
14Iordanis KavogusCentre0000
15Alex MoutsisCentre0200
16Theodor NianiakasProp0000
17Thomas SpyrouSecond-row0000
 Total 9800